Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tosin aka Vixen is a malicious woman

Tosin, aka 'Vixen' : she's a malicious Ripper thug collaborator to beware of. Ugly, too, frighteningly ugly. Is that a wig?

'Vixen' , writer for Natalie Mary Lue aka NML's Baggage Reclaim who writes a blog called 'BadGirlsGuide' is exposed as a collaborator with Ripper thugs.

A particularly malicious and evil woman, who passes on the Internet as 'Vixen', has been brought to the attention of the 'Exposing Stephen Ryder' team and her activity is being rooted out, investigated, dealt with where relevant, and reported to Police. Watch this malicious woman. She targets women she doesn't know, and behaves like an evil thug herself. We are working hard to get her kicked off the servers.

Vixen put up a comment on a site with psychopathic content designed to cause another woman violence and mental and physical damage. We believe she had a hand in creating the evil 'Psycho blog' along with Philip Hutchinson and a small few others. The small post remaining on the blog serves well to demonstrate her evil nature. This ugly woman is nuts!

This is how she was discovered and rooted out:

coComment - Site comments by Vixen By comments from just this user. Latest comment. Comments. Site: Article. External link. 1. EXPOSING (name of vulnerable female ripperthug victim)...: Look out! WE KEEP AN EYE ON YOU! ... - 188k - 9 Aug 2006

Internet abusers: take note.


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